Compliance Services

Just Getting Started

Don’t worry we can help guide you through the process of running a campaign in this great state. We keep up with the details so you don’t have to.

Have a Head Start?

Great to hear, we are here to help keep you on track and focus as much on your campaign as possible without having to worry about the important details.

Our Process

The Stronger Way

Every candidate and officeholder must report all money raised and spent on their campaigns, without exception. The Texas Ethics Commission has rules which must be followed. Some of those rules may be daunting to candidates and officeholders who don’t spend their time reading the election code. We are rule followers and we want our clients to be squeaky clean when it comes to handling their campaign funds. Our compliance staff are trained to prepare accurate and complete compliance reports for our clients. We will make your campaign deposits, write your campaign checks, enter all your campaign activity in Quickbooks and report every penny as required and on time to the Texas Ethics Commission or your local authority.

Together, We Can

  • Comply with campaign regulations
  • File required reports on time
  • Keep your books current