About Us

Strong Strategies, LLC was founded in January 2003 by Pat Strong. We’ve grown from a one-person shop to a woman-owned small business with a highly trained staff ready to build and implement winning campaigns for initiatives and candidates.

Our Team

Our clients include Democratic officeholders at all levels of government, Democratic candidates, governmental agencies, engineering companies, non-profits, transit agencies, educational agencies and organizations, labor unions, and any other group whose work matches our values.

  1. A+ Challenge
  3. Al Bennett for Judge
  4. Al Green for Congress
  5. Alan Rosen for Constable
  6. Alexandra Smoots-Thomas for Judge
  7. Amanda Edwards for City Council
  8. Ann Harris-Bennett for County Tax Assessor-Collector/Voter Registrar
  9. Ann Johnson for State Representative
  10. Ann Richard for Governor
  11. Armando Walle for State Representative
  12. Assata Richards for City Council
  13. Barbara Gardner for Judge
  14. Beau Miller for Judge
  15. Ben Hall for Mayor
  16. Borris Miles for Senate
  17. Brenda Stardig for City Council
  18. Brian Middleton for Judge
  19. Capital Metro – Austin, TX
  20. Carol Alvarado for State Representative
  21. Carol Alvarado for State Senate
  22. Carollo Engineers
  23. Cherry Companies
  24. Chris Brown for City Controller
  25. Clinton-Gore Campaign
  26. David W. Robinson for City Council
  27. Environmental Defense Fund
  28. George Arnold for Judge
  29. Gordon Goodman for Justice
  30. Guam Gaming Initiative-Proposition B
  31. Harris County Democratic Party
  32. Harris County Department of Education
  33. Helen Giddings for State Representative
  34. HNTB
  35. Holly Flynn Vilaseca for School Board Trustee
  36. Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority
  37. Houstonians for Stronger Schools
  38. IndyGo – Indianapolis Transit Authority
  39. Josefina Rendon for Judge
  40. Kay Morgan for Judge
  41. KIPP
  42. Lane Lewis for City Council
  43. Latino Texas PAC
  44. Lift Up Houston PAC
  45. Lisa Ketai for Judge
  46. Melissa Noriega for City Council
  47. Michael Gomez for Judge
  48. Mike Engelhart for Judge
  49. Mike Laster for City Council
  50. Mike Miller for Judge
  51. Parsons Brinckerhoff
  52. Peter Brown for Mayor
  53. Ravi Sandill for Judge
  54. Real Clear Politics
  55. Richard Hightower for Justice
  56. Richard Nguyen for City Council
  57. org
  58. Robert Schaffer for Judge
  59. Robert Woods Johnson Foundation
  60. Rodney Ellis for County Commissioner
  61. Rodney Ellis for Senate
  62. Roland Chavez for City Council
  63. Ronald Green for City Controller
  64. Sam Houston for Attorney General
  65. Seafarers Union
  66. SmartCity PAC
  67. SolarCity
  68. Sylvester Turner for Mayor
  69. Texas African American History Memorial Foundation
  70. Texas Education Agency – Hurricane Rita Relief efforts
  71. Vince Ryan for County Attorney